Thursday, 20 June 2013

Isle of May Live

Mike weighing a puffling for the cameras.
Well it is all happening out here....again. The BBC arrived in force today with a second wave expected tomorrow. The invasion is for filming for the Midsummer Live programme, that celebrates Midsummers Day (tomorrow), and is being broadcast live from 3 places in Scotland, Callanish Stones in Lewis, the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh and of course the Isle of May. Personally I think the team based here is the lucky one as they aren't stuck in a city and don't have to deal with a milluion midges and west coast weather...but then I am a little biased.
So today the crew were filming Mike weighing a puffling and getting fottage of cliffs, terns, puffins, sunsets (not a great one it has to be said) and gulls. Tomorrow we will have 12 people on the island (including make-up artists and least that what they told me) all working away to get set up for the start of the programme at 1930. It should be an interesting day.
 Midsummer Live can be watched live through the BBC website or watched at a later date

Miles of cable have arrived.

The crew had a bit of a bumpy ride round the island for the "from the sea" footage.

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