Friday, 26 July 2013

Bridled Tern on the May today - borrowed from the Farnes?

A beautiful evening this evening and we decided to have a BBQ to cook some mackerel we had been given by the may Princess crew. i was just about to sink my teeth into a fish when Mark started yelling. once he was coherent it became clear that he had spotted a bridled tern swooping in over the pillow, the small island next to Kirkhaven. A bit of panic followed with people running for scopes and cameras and for the next hour plus we had fantastic views of what is a stunning bird. Over the evening it kept coming and going and was last seen again over Kirkhaven at 2045.
It seems most likely that it is the bird that has been gracing the Farnes and other sites south along the east coast and this seems to be its first jaunt north. It is a first for the Isle of May and possibly only the 6th record for Scotland (to be confirmed) so all in all an interesting bird.
More information tomorrow.

Those on the twitch !

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