Tuesday, 9 July 2013


As I walked up Palpitation Brae last night to set the moth trap in the top garden, I tweeted out ' Thick fog in the north sea, be safe brave mariners.'

The fog started rolling in early Sunday evening

I tweeted this for a joke as the modern wonders of Satellite Navigation and GPS offer safe passage in and out of the Forth past the dangerous rocks of our Isle. There has not been a wreck for many a year on the May.

But as I went up to the Beacon to watch the Terns and then onto Rona to check the Greater Black-backed Gull productivity I realised the island had a very different atmosphere.

The Gulls were quieter then usual and the Terns were very inactive on my watch. A foghorn from an anchored ship could be heard to the north.

Puffins enjoyed the weather with plenty on the cliffs all day

Visibility was down to 100 metres at times

The Mainlight is not much use in these conditions

Shame the horns were not sounding

The May Princess came in through the fog.....

And left in bright sunshine

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