Monday, 15 July 2013

The Terns have fledged!

As the Tern chicks get larger they are more appealing and obvious to the predatory gulls. When they are strengthening their wing mussels they are very attractive to the gulls. We have lost a few chicks over the weekend that were almost ready to fledge which is quite heartbreaking but is all part of nature.

But today at least five maybe six birds fledged all of which have been Arctic terns so far but if all goes well up the Beacon tomorrow, a couple of the Common Terns should be ready to go.

Here it is settled in the rocks with the Terns roosting in Kirkhaven. 

As soon as these birds fledge they will go to the harbour to bath. Last year there was lots of fresh water puddles at the Beacon for them to bath in. 

This bird does not have the pointy wings an adult does, it has rounded edged wingtips and is not as agile in flight as the adults. It will continue to be fed by the adults for a while yet before learning those vital fishing skills. Adult Terns are not very good at identifying young terns in the flock and often attack juveniles birds maybe thinking them to be predators when in the flock because they are different looking with their dark upper parts and more jerky flight. I like to think this is part of their toughening up experience!

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