Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cool things on the island at the moment

We are very lucky to live out here and get to see so many cool things. Here is a selection from the last couple of days. The gannets are feeding in closer to the island, this one is just taking off after a fishing dive. With the all of the heavy showers passing through we have had some spectacular rainbows.

 The spring tides leave things normally hidden uncovered at low tide. These bits of machinery lie in one of the gullys, dumped there many years back by lighthousekeepers. I would love to know what they are from and what their story is. Now they are all rounded by the pounding of the seas.

The Mayweeds have taken over from the sea campion and are carpeting parts of the island.  Below it has to be said that the hsags and their chicks are not looking at their best at the moment. Shag chicks are ones that grow into their looks.

A green sandpiper dropped in at the loch, the vanguard of the wader movement heading south.

A large moon, clear night and flat sea make a fine sight seen on the way back to my cottage for sleep.

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