Monday, 12 September 2011

Another blow - Katia reaches the May

It was lovely this morning but you could see that something was brewing.
By lunchtime things were livening up.

And this evening it is really blowing. With weather like this you have to get out and see it and experience it. Though it doesn't compare to the big storm on 23rd May (see posting The Kitchen Window for that date) this one is still pretty impressive. So I had a bit of a wander around and found a couple of places where I could tuck myself down out of the wind and just watch the huge rolling waves crash into the cliffs. Its hypnotic and I found I couldn't tear myself away as I kept waiting for the next big one. Of course the pictures here can only tell part of the story as you can't show the roaring wind, shoving and pushing your every step, the spray coming in all directions, rain from above and seawater from below or even the seafresh smell.

The fog horn must about 10m tall, the cliffs another 10m so this spray is going up 20m, 60 foot high.

The first casualty of the storm, a dead guillemot washed up at tarbet.
It is dark now and the bumping and rattling around the cottage is getting louder. But these cottages have seen a lot of this, anything that could blow away would have done a long time ago. So it is a matter of waiting and seeing what the morning will show - but according to the weather websites she has finished with the island yet.

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