Monday, 26 September 2011

The first seal pup of the year

Here it is! This pup was born on the afternoon on the 23rd September. I'd been out looking everyday for a week and finally found this one at dusk. There have been a few prospecting cows around the island so we expect more very soon. It is the first of around 2000 pups that are born on the Isle of May.

We keep coming across seals further on the island. We presume this yearling is sitting in the middle of Rona to escape the attention of the big bulls that are chasing females offshore.

This animal has been in Kirkhaven all week. It pays little attention to us while it sleeps on the beach.

The Seal Day went ahead albeit a watered down version. Visitors got a glimpse of the pup and the lucky one saw the Minke Whale off the North Ness.

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