Friday, 16 September 2011

So Quiet

It's all quiet now. Katia has moved on and those of us left on the island have been relishing a wind-free existence. But it does feel a bit like we have skipped a season overnight. The wind has turned to the East and the breeze has a cutting edge making it a top coat colder and me reach for a hat. The grass has been bleached by the wind and salt, giving it a wintry colour and flattening it all in one direction like a well coiffured head. The nettles, sorrel, rhubarb and elder are blackened and shrivelled and we won't seeing much greenery from now till spring. To cap it all the geese have appeared in the last couple of days, groups of pink feet heading south, high up against a blue sky their calls to each other setting the season clearer than anything else.
And now you can hear yourself think and be able to stand without being shoved, the quietness can make itself heard. All things are relative and there is still plenty of sound but the birds are no longer saying "oi, look at me" and those that are left and just concentrating on getting through the winter. I wouldn't like it like this always but as a contrast and at a season's end, it's bliss.

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