Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Isle of May Lighthouse Open day 2011

At the end of the day David said to me, 'Well that's three down and one to go.'

This event had taken quite a lot of organisation. The Main Lighthouse, Beacon, Lowlight and Engine room were opened up to the public. It was particularly special because for the first time ever the Stephenson Lighthouse was opened up by the Northern Lighthouse Board.

For the third open day in a row the boats were full and the sun was shining.

It was a unique experience. Visitors were able climb the tower up to the parapet, see the lightroom and look around the living quarters.

Visitors climbing the spiral staircase

It was possible to see some of the ornate furnishings

Scotlands first lighthouse was opened up and staff were present to tell its story

Looking closely you could see Adam Livingstones initials carved into the fireplace in the beacon

It is certainly a great view from the top of the Mainlight

For the more adventurous it was possible to climb the Lowlight Tower

This event was planned and promoted with the help of Fife Council as part of their 'Doors Open Day.' Many thanks to the Northern Lighthouse Board staff who were there to answer questions on the day.

David counting the roosting gulls from the North Horn

On your next visit to the island you may notice that the North Horn is getting a new coat of paint. SNH are responsible for the horns and the Lowlight.

Our last event of the year on the 25th September will be to celebrate the seals on the island. Experts from the Sea Mammal Research Unit will be present to take a close look at these animals. The Isle of May is the forth largest seal colony in the UK.

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  1. Just have to say a big thank you to all - was a wonderful day out and the weather was glorious. Hope to be back again soon