Friday, 2 September 2011

Things I have been mostly seeing this week....

Migrant birds have been a bit thin on the ground but this beautiful little merlin has been a treat for the last few days. These smallest of UK falcons breed on moorland but often come to the coasts for the winter.
The spring tides have been especially high, covering the high water jetty at the top of the tide so the crew of the May Princess, Kevin and Fiona have had their shoes off in trying to keep the boat from banging on the jetty.

You wait a whole season and then 2 gloves wash into the harbour in the same day...... of course they were never going to be a pair !
People are always asking "what eats the rabbits on the island ?"..where here is the answer, a greater black-backed gull tucks into an adult rabbit...they are messy eaters.

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