Saturday, 10 September 2011

Whales and Choppers

It has been a fantastic year for whale sightings. I spent a glorious half an hour yesterday evening sitting at the south end of the island watching a minke whale rise time and time again as it fed on shoals of small fish (see above). A week ago most of the May Princess passengers got a good view of a minke not far out of Anstruther.
And now Colin Murray of Anstruther sent me 2 fantastic pictures of a whale he saw from his boat only 5 miles west of the Isle of May in the middle of the Firth of Forth. It was a very big animal and experts that Colin has sent his photos (see 2 photos below) to suggest that it is a Sei Whale, a rare visitor to UK waters. So if you are anywhere near to the Firth of Forth over the next few weeks keep an eye out for these life enhancing creatures.

It has to be said that for the next 2-3 days a calm sea if not likely with all sorts of storm warnings going out as we look to get the tail end of Katia. Today the weather felt very odd, it was breezy on the top of the island but the wind was almost hot and heavy showers were moving down the Firth. It certainly feels like we have some weather on its way.

And its all happening here today. As i was checking the moth trap this morning i heard a rubbling get louder and louder and looked up to see a huge ship parked right next to the island. The Pharos has arrived. She is the supply ship of the northern Lighthouse board that visits the Isle of May usually once a year. They have about 25 helicopter loads to delivery and 5 loads of remove. So as soon as the visitor boats left the island the helicopter started its load carrying. In the background over Fife I could see the RAF Leuchers airshow going on but I liked ours better, some seriously good flying to land loads right next to the back door of the Mainlight.

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  1. I know I sound like a broken record but...another wonderful post, David! Thank you for these perfectly hewn little glimpses into life on this magical bit of ancient rock.