Monday, 19 August 2013

Art on the May Day

Yesterday was just such a great day. It was our first ever Art on the May day and it was brilliant. The island has inspired people for years to create and this day was a bit of an outdoor exhibition of that sort of creativity and 100 people made it across to the island in what was quite frankly wild conditions to enjoy and be inspired. The face painters were not just face painters but Isle of May seabird face painters with each face being a work of art in itself. After opting for a puffin I was told that apparently I had just the right nose to be a puffin, hmmmm.

The Fife knitted nature project (or wild knitters as I keep calling them) showed off their fabulous creations and also gave people a chance to have a go at knitting themselves. Mhairi here made a scarf.

The photographer in residence Celine Marchbank has been documenting island life and has managed to take wonderful photographers that don't feature birds. She showed off her work in short slide shows in the visitor centre.

Derek Robertson braved the elements and set up his easel at Lady's Bed where he showed how easy it was to splash a bit of paint on a piece of paper and gave others a chance to have a go as well.

And in the South Horn magic was happening. Claire McNicol  delighted visitors with her wonderful sea stories while Rachel Newton with her voice and her harp bewitched people with her music.

It was just fantastic having such a concentration of talented people on the island creating and performing at the same time and it has definitely left me thinking that we need more art on the May in the future.

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