Friday, 30 August 2013

Calum's wall and a nameless manxie.

You might have heard of Calum's Road, well on the island we now have Calum's Wall. As part of the Lowlight redevelopment a wall was needed to screen the gas cylinders and Calum Scott, longer term Lowlight regular, has turned his skills to the task completing the wall today. Reusing stone from the demolished out buildings he has built up an impressive and attractive wall that has a couple of special features - two rock pipit nesting holes.
The Lowlight has benefited from a huge volunteer effort that has enable the works to be finished and has saved the Bird Observatory thousands of pounds

Today the island's second ever manxie chick had its last weighing. Looking less like a fluffy haggis and more like a proper bird it has been receiving feeds every night and so has been growing at a rapid rate. It still has a bit of growing to go, and definitely needs to get rid of the fluff before it makes it way out into the outside world. And it definitely hasn't been given a name as naming it is a surefire way of reducing its chances of survival.

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