Saturday, 24 August 2013

Return of the easterlies

It has been a busy and fun last couple of days but not necessarily for the visitors to the island. After seemingly many days of south-westerly wind it has changed round to the south-east with the immediate effect of blowing some migrating birds onto the island. This combined with a sometimes blistery wind and some rain meant that the human visitors today and yesterday have had somewhat trying conditions. But these winds have also blown birds that are migrating  down the east side of the north sea across to the UK. Once here a bit of rain or fog is all that is needed for the birds to drop down onto the island for a bit of a rest and a feed.
So in the last 2 days the island has hosted a good range of species including -  a barred warbler, an icterine warbler, about 11 pied flycatchers, 2 spotted flycatchers, 4 whinchats (see one above that was caught to be ringed),  10 wheaters, 2 common whitethroats, a redstart and some willow warblers. And throw in a few interesting waders such as a black-tailed godwit, 3 golden plovers, 2 ringed plovers and 2 common sandpipers and it all makes a very interesting bird island. And with tomorrow forecasting more south-easterlies in the afternoon, the ridiculously over optimistic birder is me is excited about what might (but probably won't) turn up tomorrow.

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