Sunday, 25 August 2013

Frustrating Fog

 A bit of a frustrating day on the May as we have been in the middle of a pea-souper. First thing this morning at 0630 I could see as far as the harbour and was surprised to see a great big surf rolling in. Half an hour later the harbour disappeared as the fog rolled in and stayed for the day. The big breakers and thick fog were enough to keep the May Princess in Anstruther but the 2 RIBs made it in, Osprey from Anstruther and Seabird from North Berwick, the Seabird skipper teeling us that the fog only started a couple of miles off the island with North Berwick being in bright sun.. Both RIBs had to hang off the harbour entrance and pick their times to get in in between the big sets of waves .
On the bird front the fog has meant that though some of yesterdays birds have stayed, virtually no new birds have found the island so the bird list is a little disappointing today. Frustrating, because other places seemed to have received some interesting birds on these gentle south-easterly winds and also be basking in sunshine.
But with the standard, blind, illogical optimism of the bird watcher, maybe something exciting will turn up tomorrow?

A tree pipit that decided to stay for the day, it was very vocal as it seemd to circle trying to find a way out of the fog.

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