Saturday, 10 August 2013

Basking Shark

Since the researchers have left we have out meals a little later at 7:30. I was just checking some pufflings and was running a bit late back. As I  passed Colms Hole I noticed some movement in the harbour mouth. I spotted a triangle in the water. These triangles normally turn out to be seals asleep in the water vertical. To my amazement there was also a tiny fin behind. It was a Basking Shark!

I ran back to the accommodation to tell Celine and Martina who quickly scoped it up from the veranda while I went round to the Lowlight to let Dennis and the Thornes know, who connected later on.

Basking Sharks are a reasonably common site along the west coast of Scotland though I never expected to see one of the Isle of May. There have been a handful of records before from the Isle.

We had only been talking about Basking Sharks in the morning. We certainly talked this shark in!

It was just metres off Kirkhaven and the South Ness. An incredible site.

A big thanks to Martina and Celine for their pictures. I only managed a few shots with my phone.

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