Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Second manxie chick ringed on the May

A notable event occured a couple of weeks ago on the May, the island's second ever Manxie chick was ringed. Manx shearwaters are west coast birds and though they can be seen off the island during the summer the nearest ones that breed regualry are in Orkney. But over the past years it was noticed that Manx shearwaters were visitng the island during the summer at night. David and Margaret Thorne decided to look into the mystery and helped by sound recordist Dennis they have spent a huge amount of time and effort to look into the Manxie story on the island. One previous chick is known to have fledged and this year the second ever chick, looking like a fluffy haggis with a beak, was taken out of its burrow and ringed. A well earned reward for the of the teams efforts.

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