Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hey Luscinia!

There has been plenty of rare birds to the north and the south of us. Unfortunately we have not been seeing many rare birds out here but there has still been plenty to look at. The highlight of the last couple of days has been a pair of Bluethroats including one with a nice blue throat. Normally we see Bluethroats in the spring. They are much less common in the Autumn. It is a bird so synonymous with the island the bird club that they use it as their logo. With over 380 records for the island the two recorded are the latest records for the island.

Massive counts of Redpolls have been seen around the island giving the ringers a challenge of working out which race they belong too.

The same with Chiffchaffs around the island. There have been birds from as far afield as Siberia trapped on the island.

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