Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Variety and Contrast

 It is all about contrast and variety in this job. This morning it was blowing a bit but it was a warm wind and in the lee it was warm enough for at least one red admiral to be on the wing, gently reminding us that it wasn't cold yet.
But as the day went on there were plenty of signs that autumn is upon us and winter not that far away.   Taking advantage of the advantageous winds pink feet poured through today, often low over the island taking advantage of every bit of shelter.

Rain showers seemed to pass us by as the wind picked up, even Edinburgh in the distance could be seen to getting them with the sun breaking through over Arthur's Seat afterwards.

And the island doesn't look like it normally does in the visitor season. Around Kirkhaven it is a building site and though it takes a bit of getting used to, it just takes a quick reminder of how good it will be to have a new visitor building to remember that we can live with it.

Nearly time for concreting the footings in.

A surprise today, a cracking looking male stonechat turned up, not a common bird on the May,.

But by late afternoon the wind had moved right round from south-west to north-east and a corresponding 10 degree drop in temperature. Time to light the fire.
At dusk the swell was picking up, the wind whistling round the Lowlight and it was feeling like we had jumped 2 seasons in a day. So plenty of variety and contrast, so what will tomorrow be about?

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