Monday, 28 October 2013

The Isle of May goes to the big smoke

Last week the island took a trip up the Forth and into Edinburgh to give the city folk there a chance to hear some island songs and stories and find out what makes the place so magical. As part of the Scottish Storytelling Festival, Claire and Fergus McNicol gave a performance of stories and songs at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in the Royal Mile. Claire and Fergus has visited the island many times for open days and stayed a number of nights there so have many stories about the island both from their own experiences and stories passed onto to them. We heard of gull girls, seilkies, Claire's timekeeping and Fergus's muscial tastes and the Isle of May guillemot outfit also made an appearence. Just the head this time but that is scary enough, it looks like a nasty cross between Darth Vadar and Rod Hull's emu. We all got to sing the Isle of May song  by Ed Millar (check it out) and the magical Karine Polwart helped out with a song inspired by the island. All in all a great gig!

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