Thursday, 10 October 2013

Seal pup under the cameras.

Exciting news today when Pilgrims Haven saw its first seal pup born, this is special because it is the part of the Isle of May that is under the cameras linked to the Scottish Seabird Centre. So now you get a chance to see Isle of May seal pups yourself by dropping into the Seabird Centre in North Berwick or if you can't do that then you can look at them from the link on Seabird Centre website. The pup was born in the middle of the day which is unusual, they are normally born at dawn or dusk. And it was born at the north end of the beach which proved to be a bit of a problem as at high tide the sea comes right to the cliff base. By mid afternoon it was getting splashed and occasionally soaked by the incoming tide. High tide was after sunset so we will have to see what happened to it in the morning.
The Pilgrims haven beach on the west side of the island, sheltered today.

Meanwhile on the other side of the island it was blowing a force 9 gale from the north-east. For the island this means rough seas and a BIG swell, 3.5 m to be precise (from the wave buoy  to the east of the island, you can get the swell height from its website!)

 It was quiet day for birds, a few redwings passing through, some small groups of barnacle geese, a ring ouzel and the very tame skylark.

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