Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Seen today - good news and bad news

Can you see them? Find out what below.
Well it was good news and bad news as I went round the island today.
Good news, the moth trap had some fabulous moths in it, including the out of this world canary-shouldered thorn (like a bit of winged belly button fluff) and one of my favourite moths the angle shades.

Canary-shouldered thorn.

3 angle shades.

Bad news

The first seal pup casulty of the year was the pup that was born by the North Horn just the end of last week. There is a high pup mortality on the isle of may so this isn't a surprise, over 20% of pups born on the island die before they reach the sea.

Good news

As one dies more are born, 2 more pups born in the last few days, one at the Rona crossing and the other beyond the North Horn. .
New born pup at the Rona crossing.
The open day pup, pup no.2 was still hanging around but looking a bit different. As it moults its white baby coat, its adult coat is starting to show through, you can see its grey rear flippers and head. It looks a little like it has out grown it's jumper with its flipeprs and head sticking out.


And on the news - a carrion crow on the TV aerial .

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