Sunday, 13 October 2013

Woodpeckers everywhere.

Woodpeckers are very scarce on the island. We've already seen a couple this year but that is nothing compared to what we are seeing at the moment on the island. With few trees on here it shows how adaptable these birds are!

I think the final count was about 12 yesterday. Surely this must be an island record! They were all over the island.  Mostly on their own but up to 4 have been spotted together. They are feeding in either the short grass or picking invertebrates out of the rocks and vegetation. These three were at Cornerstone.

They also are remarkably tame. One in the top garden was destroying the Elder tree at my feet.

These birds were down at Mill Door. 

It is likely these birds originate from Scandinavia. Birds have been trapped at other bird observatories have been of this race. There are subtle differences between our own birds which include bill structure. At least three have been trapped so far so it is likely origin will be established.

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