Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Back on - husks, geese and barges

So I am now back on the island and have had a day of getting to know what has been going on while I was off. Firstly autumn is making its presence felt. The colder winds mean more clothes on, the plants are giving up the struggle and withdrawing to their roots for the winter leaving their beautiful husks left standing. 

 The light intensity seems to change with the lower angle of sun, the colours seeming to be especially rich in the early morning.
 And today a continual flow of geese passed over the island, a sight and sound against a blue sky that tugs the heart for maybe an ancient long-forgotten reason.
But the main action of the day is the start of the building of the new visitor building. This is going to be a big operation, probably the biggest operation since the island was taken over in the 2nd world war and had a hutted encampment built on it. The first barge came in today....just. There were inches to spare as it edged up to the jetty, at the 3rd attempt. With very limited time before the tide went out the 22 tons of machinery and materials were unloaded at top speed. And that is just one of the many. Of course we will keep you up to date with progress as the building evolves.

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