Friday, 20 September 2013

Pups, whales and blogs.

Isle of May Seal Pup no. 2 born yesterday

Isle of May Seal Pup no. 3

Mum of Seal Pup no. 3
A sea mammal day here today. An early morning expedition out to Rona and I found grey seal pup no. 2 and no. 3 for 2013. No. 2 was maybe a day old and wriggling like a good'un while no. 3 was still wet and not moving much but had a fine pair of lungs.
On the way past I checked on no. 1 who seemed to be growing well.
Seal Pup no. 1 - enjoying the sun.
The seal numbers are going up daily and in perfect timing for our isle of May Seal Weekend next weekend 28/29 Sept. There are still places on all the boats, may Princess and RIB Osprey from Anstruther and Seabird from North Berwrick.

Later this evening at the other end of the island I spent 20 minutes in the company of a minke. Well it felt like that, as a smallish minke vigorously pursued fish less than 100 yards off the South Ness along the tidal plane and close enough inshore to here the hoosh as it surfaced. But then suddenly it dived and disappeared as minkes will do leaving me a little bereft.

Finally as a minor aside, after .2 1/2 years and 455 posts we hit 100,000 pages views today according to blogspot. I don't really trust the statistics that these blogs produce and a half of the page views are by my mother anyway but it still means that quite a few people have been reading the blog and finding out more about the fabulous Isle of May - so thank you. 


  1. A lot of page views are by google etc, but I do look regularly and enjoy your blog as it reminds me of our visit when we were in Scotland several years ago, and we were so excited to see puffins for the first time. Congratulations anyway - 455 is a good effort and is usually interesting reading.

  2. I read each of your blog updates and look forward to the latest news from May - visited for the first time in June, and absolutely loved it. Keep up the good work!