Saturday, 21 September 2013

The sound of silence

A day of note today. It was so quiet. You can find peace on the Isle of May nearly anytime you like but silence can be hard to find on the island, or anywhere outside these days. But by lunchtime today it was in abundance. This time of the season there are few birds on the island during the day. The gulls roost here but head back to the mainland landfill sites and chip shops during the day. The builders had gone home for the weekend and in a few weeks when the seals have hauled themselves out then the island echos with their growls, wails and moans but today there is little on the island to break that silence. Even the wind dropped right away, a rare thing this far out in the North Sea.

But is wasn't too last and the barge came in again with more building supplies for the new visitor centre.

And the visitor boats are still running, trips can still be made right up to the end of September.
Today just about every visitor I spoke to commented on the quiet, how rare it is and how much they enjoyed it.
Of course there is a lot more to experience than just silence on the island, there is Jules for instance still entertaining visitors in Kirkhaven. He sleeps all day, wakes up to entertain the visitor boats and immediately goes back to sleep once they have gone, if only I could do that ?

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