Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spuds and south-westerlies

 It has been blowing hard today, all day and most of yesterday as well and looks like it may blow a bit tomorrow. It means that the songbird migration has ground to a halt but the waders are still moving despite the wind. Last night a little stint turned up on one of the pools on the South Plateau and 4 black-tailed godwits flew south through the island today. It does mean that it isn't a day for hanging around on the cliff tops so what better place to spend the afternoon than in the veg patch digging spuds. We have been eating Isle of May spuds for the last 6 weeks and even though I say it myself they are fantastic. The crew and skippers of the May Princess and Osprey have been giving them rave reviews as well. We are getting to the end of them now but hopefully there are enough to last Jeremy and myself until mid October. I put the fine flavour down to the special compost that was put on at the start of the season, the compost heap received a number of dead puffins and shags after the seabird wreck. And thanks to the SNH staff who helped at the start of the season to fence, dig and plant the crop. Wish you guys could be hear to eat your handiwork!

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