Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I was up on the veranda yestrday, looking for a pod of 150 Pilot Whales that passed Anstruther, that had been reported to me by Colin Murray of RIB Osprey fame.

I'd spotted some distant small sea mammals breaking the surface to the south but could not ID them specifically.

My attention was drawn by our local Swallows alarm calling. I looked up and saw a Sparrowhawk. 

It initially perched on the Heligoland trap. It then walked around the top of the trap peering in. Looking for it's next meal. It shows how adaptable these fantastic predators are. I captured a couple of images with my phone. 

I have found a few corpses of passerines and also a Teal. I wonder how many avian predators are hiding around the island with Merlin and Peregrine spotted recently.  

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