Thursday, 5 September 2013

The heart of the island - the engine room

Tucked away in a building at one end of Fluke Street is hidden what was once the heart of the island. It is the room where when it was first built electricity was produced from coal fired steam engines, then diesel became the fuel  and air was compressed to sound the fog horns while diesel powdered generators produced the electricity. And it continued to work until 1989 when the fog horns were switched off, the engines were no longer needed and the tools were just left wherever they had last been put down. It is a temple to heavy engineering with an heavy scent of diesel impregnating everything. The engines have to be seen to be believed, built on a scale and a standard not seen now and even the spanners were made to be used by giants. One day maybe we can get the heart beating again with a group of enthusiasts who are keen to bring the beasts back to life but in the meantime if you would like to worship at the church of Edwardian engineering then why not come to the Isle of May lighthouse Open Weekend this weekend, it will be your one chance this year!.

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