Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lowlight tower - small but perfectly formed.

Compared to the other lighthouses on the Isle of May the Lowlight is virtually pristine and yet seems to go under the radar. It only had working life of about 50 years and so had far less wear and tear. After the 1890s the tower became obsolete and little used. You can see this when going up the beautifully made sandstone steps that lead to the lantern. They look as fresh and unworn as the day they were put in, so sweeping them out in preparation for the Isle of May lighthouse day was a pleasure and gave me a chance to sample the atmosphere and look at the detail that went into the building. Like the brass fittings and pulley that enabled the hatch door to the lantern to opened by rope from below or the solid brass lock still working and in place to this day. These buildings are very special, they were built with care and pride to be entirely functional and last forever. why not come over this weekend to take a peak inside the Isle of may lighthouse buildings, this will be your only chance this year!

The hatch up into the lantern, a tight squeeze for any visitor!
There in graffiti going back over 70 years to its war time usage under the floor of the lantern.

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