Thursday, 19 September 2013

Entertaining Jules

 Jules the rescue seal is still around Kirkhaven and does seem to like human company. He will now come up to the jetty when I stand there and bob out to get a closer look. He then dives under and races around under the water chewing seaweed and doing rapid spirals in a whoosh of excitement. Yesterday when I was waiting for a boat I had a bit of a chat with him and then wondered if he would fancy a toy. There was old creel buoy washed up on the shore so I picked it up and hung it over the side of the jetty. Jules quickly came over to investigate. He did what all seals do and first of all touched the buoy with his whiskers which are incredible sensitive and can be used to find food in darker water Once he had given it a good whiskering he then spent the next 15 mins flipping, poking, dragging, and bobbing the buoy around the harbour. It was a shame that he only stopped when the boat came in. I don't know which of us was more entertained!

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