Sunday, 19 May 2013

24 hours 2 different islands

It has gone from the sublime to the awful out here. Friday was glorious, Saturday was horrendous.
On Friday there was hardly any wind (a rare thing out here) and warm sunshine and the visitors from the May Princess strolled around in shirt sleeves. Yesterday it blew a north-easterly force 7 to 8, there was a 3m swell pounding the east side, there were no boats and it rained a bit. It blew so hard that the fog-horn was softly sounding as the wind blew across the end of the long dead horn, like a whisper of a ghost horn from years previously. The changes on this island are sometimes hard to follow.
The thrift is coming out into full flower.

Visitors lounged around outside the Mousehouse visitor centre.

The May Princess sat serenely in the harbour.

Happy customers heading home.

A lovely afternoon for a snooze on the cliff tops.

Saturday was a different matter.
No boats, no visitors.
The harbour was a no go-zone.
The guillemots and shags just had to hunker down on their eggs and sit it out.

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  1. But sunday was great, thank you. Have seen Puffins and the all other... Black Guillemot too!!! Many thanks for that lovely day.
    Lutz from Berlin