Friday, 10 May 2013


This is a Gropper, which is birdwatcher slang for Grasshopper Warbler. This is not a rare bird but because of it's skulking nature, it disappears quite quickly on the mainland into cover and it was a rare opportunity to enjoy prolonged views of this bird. If it is not singing the it's distinctive grasshopper sound you may well not detect it at all.

I was checking the moth trap at 8:30 and this bird flew up and landed on the metal fence before skipping down onto the deck and creeping about the veranda and garden.

I managed to capture some images as it crept about like a little mouse.

The most bizarre thing was it was chased by a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly which was determined not to be eaten by the bird.

It's food articles included small grubs, flies and a worm.

It was a wonderful experience to see this bird behaviour in the morning sunshine.

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