Saturday, 25 May 2013


I borrowed a remote controlled camera from my colleagues at Loch Leven NNR. These cameras are a great way of seeing what goes on in the dark and capture natural behaviour that is not as easy to take in the field with a point and press. I've been setting it up to get close shots of Eiders with their chicks. I've been having a little trouble with framing as you can see below.

I'll stick with the traditional way too as well while I perfect my methods. We are seeing lots of Eider ducklings now all around the island. Visitors should be aware while they are moving about that eiders are everywhere. If you come across ducklings and mum just wait for them to move along and don't let them split up.

This bird is taking her 3 ducklings down from the Mainlight.We have also seen our first Kittewake egg this week

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