Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The island today

A few sights from the island today.

A turnstone all dressed up and nowhere to go. This bird is in its splendid breeding plumage and should be further north paired up and in the middle of the breeding season but instead is hanging around the island with a couple of mates.
A jumpy shag. When the shags have had a bad winter, like the last one, during the next breeding season they are often very nervous and can leave the nest before you get very close. This then leaves the eggs exposed to the gulls. This one wasn't on the nest but hanging near to where its partner was sitting. Note the coded ring on the leg.
As the sun went down it lit up the Mainlight.
Birders hanging around the tunnel by the Lowlight shortly before they started during Bruce Forsyth impressions.
Most of the female eiders are now on nests and they look fantastic.
They spend all day on the nest often only coming off for a few minutes a day, so when they do come off the nest they have a lot to do !
Look closer ! How did she do that?

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