Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Eiders are back in force.

Slowly the numbers grow offshore, then build up on the loch, after that you see them on land and before long you are tippy toeing round their nests.

The eiders are back. Nests are now just beginning to pop up all over the place. Will our favourite birds return? There's toilet duck, Engine room duck, Pipe Duck or the bird that nests outside my room. The familiar bock bock bock calls will now keep us awake until June as females talk to each other on there nests.

Visitors should tread carefully as some birds even nest on the paths. If you accidentally get too close they do have quite a nasty bite.

Eiders make a neat nest of vegetation which they line with their breast feathers. The average is clutch is 3 to 4 but we have already found a clutch of 5 being incubated on Rona.

Female Eiders will sit still on their nest relying on camouflaged plumage to avoid detection. I have seen many times visitors just passing by not noticing birds nesting next to the path.

After nesting eiders comes ducklings. You can guarantee I will be posting many pictures of those!


Sea rubbish deposited at Silver Sands makes perfect nesting place for an Eider. There ar two nests currently  in this pile.

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