Friday, 24 May 2013

The Fugro Symphony

We were up late at night watching a film. This detail is relevant. Usually everyone is in bed by 10:30 (ish) but tonight we were up late. After the film had finished Klara got up and went over to the kitchen to notice a big ship moored quite close to the island and lit up like a Christmas. At first glace she did look like she was just off  The Maidens but a reasonable estimate was that she was probably 500 metres. The boat was called Fugro Symphony, built in Bergan and sailing under a Bahama flag.

500 metres is closer then we are used to. I watched her with a telescope she was certainly bobbing around a bit. Weather reports suggested that the north wind was blowing at 29 Knots though I doubt the crew are bothered as they were probably in one of the 2 saunas or large cinema that the boat has. I'll bet her showers are working too! 

It would have been no good if we'd called her up to see if we could take advantage of her luxury because the harbour was inaccessible. A wall of white water was rising every few seconds. This was quite spectacular in the darkness.

Anyway the film that we happened to be watching was 'The Boat that Rocked,' where the pirate radio station ship sinks at the end. How about that for a coincidence?

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