Monday, 20 May 2013

Bluethroat and Shrike

The north-easterly winds have finally born fruit with a collection of very smart birds on the island. Red-backed shrikes and bluethroats are always fantastic to see, the Isle of May being one of the best places in Scotland to see these birds when they are on migration. What next?
The bluethroat was a female so only had a hint of blue on its throat.
Continuing the theme of throats a lesser whitethroat dropped in as well.

The bluethroat heading for the rhubarb patch after being ringed.
One of 4 red-backed shrikes that turned up on the island over the last couple of days - this was is a smart male. One of the birds was found in the heligoland trap in the middle of eating a previously ringed willow warbler. It is just what they do.

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