Friday, 31 May 2013

HOT latin dance night on the May

Things warmed up yesterday on the island and it wasn't just the weather. Our dance instructor from last year was back and lead the hoofers of the island through a searing lesson in salsa and merengue that left the walls dripping and the floor polished.
Iain English, a long standing inhabitant of the Isle of May Bird Observatory, was back with his mates for another week on the island monitoring the bird migration. He willingly agreed to give all the island inhabitants a dance lesson but probably didn't quite realise what he was taking on. The visitor centre's floor space was cleared, best dance outfits put on, shoes off and we were ready. It turned out that besides Iain there were 4 from the Lowlight, 11 from Fluke Street (bird researchers, volunteers and SNH staff) and much to their bewilderment Colin and Graham who were working for the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) in the Mainlight and were invited down without really knowing what they had let themselves in for.
As we took our partners Iain (partnered by the extremely nimble Klara) talked us through some smouldering moves, first for merengue and then salsa while ratcheting up the simmering atmosphere. There was regular rotation of partners with Graham of the NLB showing particular potential especially when partnered with Livvy and by the end we were throwing shapes that would have made Bruce Forsyth swoon. As the evening progress the beats moved from latin to Balkan and onto an eclectic mix of the Monkees(!), ACDC, sixties soul and even the Levellers, well we like to keep an open mind on the island!
Another storming evening of entertainment that broke new ground, never before had Fluke Street, the Bird Obs. and the NLB taken part in such a social event of latin beats. Many thanks for all that made it so fun.

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