Monday, 20 May 2013

Dad dancing at the kittiwake colony.

The rain that we have had on the last few days has had a dramatic affect on the kittiwakes. For the past few weeks they seemed to have been hanging around making a lot of noise on their nesting ledges but showing no sign of getting on with it. With the rain soaking the soil and filling a few pools suddenly the kittis have switched to nest making mode and are frantically digging up beaks full of mud and grass which they fly back to their nests looking like the have a very full, bushy moustache. The best bit happens once they are on the ledge as they put the mud onto the platform and then tread it in with their feet. At the moment if you look across the kittiwake colonies all you can see are birds puddling their mud, sticking their bums out while staring into the distance and looking like a bad case of  Dad dancing at a wedding disco.

Kitti dancing with the bum in the air.

A lot of grubby bills.

Where the kits have been digging in the mud.
Big tache.

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