Friday, 17 May 2013

Nightjar and a sprinkle of migrants

That 30mins before tea is quickly becoming the best bird time on the island this season. Wednesday at 1800 and Mark found a nightjar on the island, only that 2nd record in 42 years, and what was known as gadwall o' clock is now known as nightjar o'clock. The cottage emptied but it could not be found again so when tea arrived it was a bit subdued.
However yesterday morning the bird was found sunbathing on the grass bank where a number of us had already walked past. A lovely looking bird with the most amazing patterns, it was soon to be admired by all the locals, human, rock pipits, a wheatear and the local rabbits. 

Rock pipit having a look at the funny bird.

a wheatear dropped in as well.

The rabbits were less interested.

The human island residents immediately congregated

Some of the residents are taller than others but all got to see the bird.
                    Harry wanted a closer shot.        
The nightjar came in with a sprinkling of migrants brought to the island by eaterly winds and on the island by showers. They included common redstarts, tree pipits, a yellow wagtail, common whitethroat and pied flycatcher.

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